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It looks perfect, but is it faultless?

Buying a property is probably one of the largest single purchases anyone will make and it is important therefore, for the peace of mind it confers, that an independent survey is carried out on your chosen property, in advance of exchange of contracts.

Warning by RICS that having a survey can actually save you money.

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At Andrew Goodwin & Associates, we take care in the quality and content of our considered property reports and will always take time to discuss the property Survey findings with you. Our main objective is to assist you as the prospective purchaser, in making a reasoned and informed decision on whether or not to proceed with the purchase of your chosen property and to be clear about what decisions and actions should be taken before contracts are exchanged.

You have identified a property you wish to purchase and our job is to help you do just that, whilst at the same time identifying areas of maintenance and repair that you may not have seen for yourself.

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Here are the survey options available to you:

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The Building Survey

This is our most detailed property survey inspection and report and often used to be referred to as a ‘Structural Survey’. The Building Survey can be used for most types of residential properties, but is particularly relevant where a property has been substantially and structurally altered, or extended, or if the property is unusually built, or has been neglected and is in poor condition.

It costs more than the other RICS reports because it gives more detailed information about the structure, condition and state of repair of the building
Building Surveys are particularly recommended for:

A Building Survey includes:

  • The prevailing geological sub-soils and any adverse features that are apparent
  • A full description of the building components and its construction
  • A description of the visible defects, with advice on what to do about them
  • Recommendations for any further investigations, prior to exchange of contracts

A Building Survey does not normally include a Market Valuation, or an estimate of the Building Reinstatement Cost Assessment, but we can provide this service separately, if required.

Testimonial saying My wife and I have recently been looking to relocate to the Cotswolds’ from South London. With limited knowledge of housing in conservation areas and the many issues associated with purchasing an old property we approached Andrew.  The experience we had can be summed up in one word – Awesome!!!! We found the whole process brilliant.  We received a report which was easy to follow, had photographic evidence of problematic areas and had a clear list of immediate and longer-term actions. Andrew also took the time to explain all of the areas in further detail in scheduled follow-up meetings.  It really put our minds at rest on the many areas we didn’t have knowledge on.

The RICS HomeBuyer Report

Introduced by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) this "mid range" report is designed to focus on the needs of the buyer of a more conventionally and uniformly built property, for example, 1930's built semi-detached houses, or modern property, with clear, concise condition ratings, using the "traffic light" system.

The RICS HomeBuyer Report is pitched between the Condition Report and the Building Survey and is designed for particular types of property that are of a uniform type and construction and are apparently in reasonable condition.

Photograph of a modern development of flats

The RICS Condition Report

The RICS Condition Report is the least detailed of our Inspections and Reports and is the “economy” option, where you may not want a market valuation, but just someone to confirm the construction and condition of a property. This report is recommended where the property is a conventional house, bungalow, or flat built from common materials and in apparently reasonable condition. It again adopts the “traffic light” system for assessing condition ratings.
It focuses purely on the condition of the property providing:

  • Condition ratings on different parts of the building, services, garage and outbuildings
  • A summary of the risks to the condition of the building
  • Other matters including issues for your legal advisers

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Other Services

In addition to the Building Survey, RICS HomeBuyer and Condition Report, Andrew Goodwin and Associates are also able to offer a range of additional advice and reports tailored to suit your needs. Our surveyors can offer you a comprehensive Market Valuation assessment, based on local knowledge and experience, carried out in accordance with RICS guidelines.

The RICS Valuation Reports

RICS Valuation Reports are useful if no assessment of the property’s condition or structure is required. One of our qualified surveyors will attend the property to conduct a surface-level assessment, and use its size, style, features and location to compare it to similar, recently-sold homes nearby.

Valuation reports are essential for understanding the current market value of a property, and are commonly used for probate, matrimonial agreements, insurance purposes and for private buyers and sellers.

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