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RICS Building Survey

Buying a property is an important investment decision for any potential purchaser. In order to be sure you’re making the right choice, we recommend that you have a Building Survey carried out by an experienced Chartered Surveyor.

Warning by RICS that having a survey can actually save you money.

You may be aware of the caveat emptor principle. Literally translating as ‘buyer beware’, it places the onus on the buyer to perform due diligence before making a house purchase. At Andrew Goodwin & Associates, we offer a range of professional surveys that are designed to help prospective buyers to make a reasoned and informed decision, based on the provision of high quality property reports and subsequent discussion of the survey findings with you.

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What is a Building Survey?

A RICS Building Survey, formerly known as a Full Structural Survey, is the most detailed property inspection and report offered by Andrew Goodwin & Associates. It is an in-depth Level 3 report that provides a greater level of information regarding the structure, condition and state of repair of the building than a HomeBuyer Report would be able to convey.

Which properties need a Building Survey?

Building Surveys can be conducted for all properties but they are particularly relevant where a building has undergone major structural alterations or extensions, is of unusual construction, in poor condition or has other complex surveying issues.

Building Surveys are particularly suitable for:

  • Buildings that are older than 50 years
  • Buildings that are very old, including historic properties and listed buildings
  • Buildings that are constructed using unusual building methods and/or materials
  • Building that are in a state of neglect or have been poorly maintained
  • Buildings that have been substantially altered or extended, or that you are planning to significantly renovate, alter or extend.

What does a Building Survey cover?

A RICS Building Survey involves a detailed property inspection of all visible and accessible parts of the building including the roof and chimney, windows and doors, walls and floors, garages, cellars and outbuildings.

Specifically, a Building Survey will provide:

  • A full description of geological sub soils, including any adverse features present
  • A full description of all aspects of the property’s condition and construction
  • A full description of any visible defects, including recommended remedial action
  • Full recommendations for further investigations that should be carried out before contracts are exchanged.

As Chartered Surveyors have a legal obligation to discover and inform clients of any significant defects found, our team will be actively searching for building defects and potential problems. This includes evidence of damp, subsidence, timber defects, structural problems, roofing and brickwork issues, presence of harmful materials, and any works carried out without proper planning permission.

What does a Building Survey not cover?

While a Building Survey inspection will involve the checking of manholes and services, no hidden or concealed parts of the building will be examined. Neither are specific investigations of heating systems or electrical installations included in the Survey unless special arrangements have been made for additional expert reporting.

Finally, a Building Survey does not, as a rule, contain a market valuation or a Building Reinstatement Cost Assessment. We can, of course, provide this service under separate cover if necessary.

Building Surveys in Swindon and Oxford

Andrew Goodwin & Associates are an independent firm of Chartered Surveyors with more than 60 years’ post qualification experience to put at our clients’ disposal. We cover the local area of Swindon and Oxford and provide surveying services across Oxfordshire.

As a company known for its dynamic outlook and approachable team, we provide expert building advice to prospective property purchasers, furnishing them with all the salient information necessary to make an intelligent purchase decision.

You will find us accommodating and easy to deal with, ready to discuss our findings with you and provide valuable practical recommendations for the decisions and actions you should be taking prior to exchanging contracts.

We are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and monitored on a regular basis to ensure that we fully comply with all RICS requirements for best practice professional surveying.

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