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Property Valuations

At Andrew Goodwin & Associates, we offer RICS-approved property valuations to help clients stay informed about their property in a range of circumstances. There are a number of situations in which an accurate property value is essential, and an estate agentís estimate is simply not enough.

Warning by RICS that having a survey can actually save you money.

With over sixty years of service in the property industry, our team has extensive experience in carrying out valuation surveys and delivering clear, concise valuation reports. We understand the various purposes for obtaining the value of your property, and have provided tailored information for many clients in Oxford, Swindon, and the surrounding areas.

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Why commission a property valuation?

Not to be confused with a property survey, a valuation only seeks to establish the market value of a building Ė not to uncover defects or structural issues which may affect this value. The figure is determined by a short, surface-level inspection of the property, which takes into account its size, features and location, and an assessment of similar, recently-sold properties in the area.

Property valuations are often commissioned by current homeowners or potential purchasers, but may also be undertaken at the request of lenders, insurance providers, or other third parties. In every case, you can expect Andrew Goodwin & Associates to provide a comprehensive assessment, carried out to the highest standard.

Market Valuations

Our surveyors can offer you a comprehensive Market Valuation assessment, based on local knowledge and experience, carried out in accordance with RICS guidelines. If you do not require a survey, but rather need to know whether the price you are being asked to pay for a property is correct, then a private Market Valuation is the appropriate report.

Listed and Historic Buildings

We advise sellers and buyers - as well as existing owners - of Listed and historic buildings on all aspects of repair, maintenance and improvement works. We will negotiate and apply on behalf of clients for Planning and Listed Buildings Consents.

Probate Valuation Reports

We are regularly instructed to prepare Market Valuation reports on behalf of executors for submission to HMRC in connection with inheritance tax purposes.

Matrimonial Valuation Reports

Solicitors and Legal Advisers often call for an accurate assessment of the Market Value of property assets when marriages/relationships breakdown and we can provide comprehensive Market Valuation assessments based on good local knowledge and experience.

Reinstatement Cost Assessment Valuations for Insurance Purposes

Andrew Goodwin & Associates can offer a prompt and efficient service to ensure you can obtain accurate quotations for buildings insurance on a variety of types of residential property.

Homes in Oxford and Swindon

From our office in Faringdon, we serve many clients in Oxford, Swindon and the villages between. Over the years we have seen the local markets grow steadily, as more families choose the balanced lifestyle available in this part of the country.

The demand for property in Oxford has always been high, as its history, university and varied economic opportunities attract people from all walks of life. In the past year, average house values have increased by 7.53%, to reach an average price of little over £525,000. Flats tend to sell for around £340,000, while detached family homes typically cost around the £775,000 mark.

Swindon is a hub of industry, and while it may not boast Oxfordís rich history and beautiful architecture, buyers are still continually drawn to the area. Market growth is slow but steady, with values climbing around 1.8% in the last 12 months. The average property price is around £245,000, with flats costing a very modest £140,000 compared to a larger detached home which will cost around £360,000.

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