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RICS Condition Report

It's well documented that moving into a new home is one of the biggest financial and emotional investments we make. The level of energy and commitment it requires to purchase property and relocate your family makes it even more important to be sure of your decision, and protect yourself from finding unpleasant surprises further down the line.

Warning by RICS that having a survey can actually save you money.

In the UK, the onus of detecting problems within a property falls to the buyer. There is no legal obligation for a seller to disclose information that may impact the value of their property, or cause issues for its future inhabitants. Couple this with the fact that many buyers mistakenly believe their mortgage valuation will warn them of any serious defects within the building, and unfortunately no surprise that homeowners end up paying thousands to remedy defects that could have been found in a survey.

At Andrew Goodwin & Associates, our professional surveys are designed to help you avoid moving into a property with hidden defects, and to make an informed decision about the value of the building you are purchasing. Covering Swindon, Oxford and elsewhere in Oxforshire, you'll find years of experience and reliable advice from Andrew Goodwin and Associates.

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What is a Condition Survey?

A RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) Condition Report is ideal if you simply need a professional reassurance that your home is as in good a condition as it looks. Condition Reports are the most affordable of the surveys regulated by RICS, which is reflected in the comparatively light level of detail involved in the inspection and documentation.

Which properties benefit from a Condition Survey?

Condition Reports are aimed at recently built properties, constructed using common techniques and materials. If you are moving into a home less than five years old, it looks to be in good condition and you have access to its maintenance history, a Condition Report will support the information you are given about the house, flat or bungalow by the seller.

If you require an inspection on an older property, or one you intend to significantly alter, we would recommend commissioning a RICS HomeBuyer Report, or a full Building Survey.

What will I receive?

RICS Condition Reports are easy to follow, and make use of the traffic light rating system to flag serious defects and areas of concern. In the document, you can expect:

  • An assessment of the main building, utility services, garage and any outbuildings
  • A summary of any identified concerns and riskss
  • A note of any other issues which may need to be relayed to your solicitors

A RICS Condition Survey does not include:

  • A market valuation
  • A quote for reinstatement cost
  • Detailed diagnosis about any concerns raised
  • Advice about repairs or maintenance

If you require any of the above services in addition to your survey, please contact us to discuss your requirements, and how these may be combined into one appointment.

Why Choose Andrew Goodwin & Associates?

At Andrew Goodwin & Associates, we provide a full range of professional property services, working with clients throughout Oxfordshire, Oxford, Swindon and beyond. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, easy-to-follow reports for every customer, and take the time to discuss any areas which may be unclear or complex.

To ensure every customer has complete peace of mind, our experience team is not only regulated by RICS, but our firm is registered with the RICS-approved Ombudsman.

If you have any questions about our surveys, valuation services, or the specific needs of your home, please call our office today on 01367 244185, or contact us via email at

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